hands of kali

experimental bellydance theatre


take the ancient beauty of middle eastern bellydance, throw in a healthy dose of improv theatre, add a dash of fashionable sass, and you've got a hands of kali performance piece. our dance style is based on egyptian cabaret, but we're no strangers to american tribal, turkish and east indian moves. we work with a crazy variety of music, everything from traditional dumbek and tabla to modern goth/industrial and electronica. we've been known to blend in veil work, sword play and fire dance to tell our dance-stories of goddess myths, tarot card magic and other mystical mysteries.

hands of kali is available to delight your guests at all types of parties, weddings and other celebrations, in restaurant and club settings as well as private homes -- in and around our beloved hometown of seattle, washington. we can provide solo and/or small group performances, depending on your needs, and we'd love to work with you to create a custom dance just for your get-together.

fees vary based on length of performance and prep time involved.

email info@handsofkali.com to enquire.